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At ‘workagile’, we recognise the enormous talent that is ‘out there’ and are tapping it through our products. We love to learn and we love to listen. We could never realise all the ideas that we come across but by allowing design ideas to ‘come to us’ rather than us ‘taking our ideas to the designers’ we have a never ending ‘ideas cauldron’ supplied by our design department – the whole world!

At workagile we are serious about making fine furniture but we will never lose the fun of making it! Every item we make has been through the hands of persons that love what they do. So many skills and crafts once thriving in the British Isles and so many products proudly wearing the ‘made in Britain’ badge have become history with the march of globalisation. We regard it as a privilege to be part of an industry still thriving in Britain and are proud to be keeping alive skills and knowledge developed over centuries.

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